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I. Scope of application
1. These Terms & Conditions will apply to the temporary rental of banquet and function rooms of the hotel as well as to additional services and supplies of the hotel involved therewith, particularly reservations of rooms.

2. Any stipulations, even if they are part of the terms and conditions of the partner but which contradict the present Terms and Conditions shall not be applicable unless prior written consent has been given by the hotel.

II. Conclusion of contract
1. The contract on the event shall be considered concluded upon written approval by the orderer of the offer made by the hotel. If a third party places the order on behalf of the customer, he shall be liable towards the hotel together with the customer as a jointly and severally liable debtor for any obligations resulting from the hotel registration agreement..

2. The hotel shall be liable for its obligations resulting from the contract. For all occurrences beyond the services typically to be rendered, liability of the hotel shall be limited to intent and gross negligence.

3.Any subletting of the rooms, spaces or showcases as well as invitations to sales events or similar events require prior written consent of the hotel.

4. Political events must clearly be indicated upon registration.

5. The cession of rooms, showcases and other spaces is done for payment. The cession of the same to third parties will only be accepted after prior consent of the hotel.

6. It is interdicted to bring or attach deco material and/or other objects, e.g. advertising material without prior consent of the hotel. Any deco material must comply with the safety codes of the traffic police, the fire department and the building inspection department.

III. Services, rates, payment
1. The hotel shall be bound to hold the rooms ready that were previously booked by the client and to render the agreed services.

2. The client shall be bound to pay the valid rates of the hotel or the agreed rates of the hotel for the rental of the rooms and for any service made use of by the client. This also applies to services rendered by order of the client and expenses on behalf of the clients, paid by the hotel to third parties.

3. The agreed rates include the TVA valid at that time. If the period between the conclusion of the contract and the execution of the contract exceeds four months, and if the rates generally demanded by the hotel for that kind of services increase, the hotel shall be entitled to increase the agreed rates to an appropriate extent, but shall be limited to a maximum increase of 10 %.

4. In case of a stay of more than 3 days the hotel Landhaus Lellichow GmbH shall be entitled to draw up an intermediate account.

5. For events lasting longer than from 1 a.m to 3 a.m. the hotel shall be entitled to charge a service fee of 150,00 € per commenced hour. For events lasting longer than from 3 a.m to 6 a.m. the hotel shall be entitled to charge a service fee of 200,00 € per commenced hour if no other agreement was made with the hotel.

6. Invoices are payable within 10 days without deductions. The hotel shall be entitled to accelerate maturity of any claims. In case of payment default, the hotel shall be entitled to charge legal interest and to give notice of the contract.

IV. Withdrawal /cancellation
1. Hotel rooms cancellations are accepted free of charge if notification is received by the hotel up to 30 days prior to arrival.

For cancellations between 29 and 20 days prior to arrival, 20 % of the total room price will be charged.

For cancellations between 19 and 7 days prior to arrival, 50 % of the total room price will be charged.

For cancellations between 7 and 0 days prior to arrival, 80 % of the total room price will be charged.

2. Optional dates are binding for both contractual partners. The hotel reserves the right to rent the rooms booked to third parties after expiry of the optional dates.

3. The hotel shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract for cause, particularly if rooms turn out to have been booked with false or misleading indications or if essential information e.g. on the personal data of the guest have been concealed or if the hotel has reason for the assumption that receiving the hotel services could jeopardise unobstructed business operations, the safety or the reputation of the hotel in public but the attribution to the domain of the hotel.

4. The hotel shall be entitled to charge an allowance of 50 % of the agreed rate for withdrawal up to 60 days prior to the event. In case of a withdrawal of less than 60 days prior to the event the withdrawal fee is 80 %. The agreed rate depends on the agreed number of participants. As long as no price for dishes and drinks has been agreed, the basis for the allowance shall be the price of cheapest three course meal of the respective menu of the event.

V. Arrival and departure
1. The contractual partner is not entitled to demand the cession of particular rooms unless the hotel has made a prior written confirmation for the cession of particular rooms.

2. Check-in on the day of arrival for booked rooms will not be possible before 2 p.m Without prior written agreement stating otherwise, the guest will not be entitled to have the room be available earlier.

3. Booked rooms must be occupied by the contractual partner or by the participants of the event not later than 6 p.m on the agreed arrival date. Unless a later arrival time has expressly been agreed, the hotel will be entitled to rent booked rooms after 6 p.m. to third parties without being obliged to comply with any recourse raised by the contractual partner. Insofar, the hotel has a right of withdrawal.

4. Check-out time on the agreed day of departure must not be later than 11.00 am. After that time, the hotel shall be entitled to charge in addition to the damage resulting thereof the room rate for one day for use after the agreed check-out time of 6 p.m. The guest shall be free to prove that no or a considerably lower damage was caused to the hotel.

VI. Own food and drinks
The contractual partner is not allowed to bring food and drinks to events without prior written consent by the hotel. In these cases, the hotel shall be entitled to charge a service fee to cover the total costs.

VII. Liability
1. For objects brought, the hotel shall be liable towards the contractual partner according to the legal requirements, i.e. up to the hundredfold room price, but not exceeding 3.500,00 €. For objects of value, the liability is limited to 800,00 €. Money and objects of value being deposited in the hotel safe are insured up o a maximum amount of 20.000,00 €.

2. If the service provided by the hotel is disrupted or inadequate, the hotel shall endeavour to find a remedy upon reprimand by the guest. If the hotel does not become aware of deficiencies owing to culpable omission by the guest, any claim for diminution of the contractually agreed price shall be considered baseless.

3. The assignment of parking lots, even if there is a charge on it, does not imply the existence of a contract of safe custody. There is no monitoring duty by the hotel. The hotel shall not be liable if cars parked on the hotel's premises are damaged or get lost.

4. Wake-up calls are executed with utmost diligence by the hotel. Indemnity claims, except for gross negligence or intent, are excluded.

5. If the orderer is not identical with the organizer, both will be held jointly liable.

6. Messages, mailings and consignments of goods for the guests are treated with due diligence. The hotel takes care of their delivery, safekeeping and, upon request, forwarding against a surcharge. Indemnity claims, except for gross negligence or intent, are excluded.

7. Any objections to telephone bills will only be accepted within one month after receipt.

8. Indemnity claims by guests will become time-barred after a maximum of two years as of the time when the guest becomes aware of the damage or failing to become aware of them, after a maximum of three years as of the time of the damaging event. This does not apply to liabilities for injuries of life, body or health or other damages due to intentional or wantonly negligent violation of duty by the hotel, legal representative or vicarious agent of the hotel.

VIII. General
1. The correction of printing errors and obvious mistakes in calculation without any special notification is reserved.

2. Oral agreements are only binding, if confirmed in writing by the hotel.

3. Newspaper advertisements containing invitations to job interviews or sales events basically require prior written consent of the hotel. If a publication is made without such a consent and if essential interests of the hotel are affected, the hotel shall have the right to cancel the event. Any costs or damage claims resulting thereof are to be covered by the organiser.

IX. Final clauses
1. Any modification or supplement to this contract, to the acceptance of the order or to these Terms And Conditions must be made in writing. Unilateral modifications or supplements made by the client are void.

2. Place of fulfilment and payment shall be the location of the hotel's registered office.

3. These Terms and Conditions will be exercised under the Law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

4. If any part of these Terms and Conditions shall be found to be unlawful, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the conditions.