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Buffer zone
beer garden and theatre big top with various events e.g. cabaret, Oktoberfest.

"Kyritz an der Knatter"
Church of Our Lady, Franciscan garden and the famous Bassewitz games.

"Knattermimen" and Bassewitz festival
Every two years, the history of the knight Bassewitz von den Knattermimen is re-enacted on the occasion of the Bassewitz festival.

Movie animal training center in Sieversdorf
Animals are trained there for participation in movies, guided tour possible.

Kunsterspring zoo for domestic wild animals
With a wolves park and a petting zoo for the kids.

Falconry in Wredenhagen
Old castle with fascinating falcon shows.

Kristall, Kur- und Gradiertherme Bad Wilsnack
Your recreation for body and soul is taken very seriously there. Feel as if you were in the southern Mediterranean enjoying the Andalusian thermae.

Largest cobblestone barn in Germany
market place for products, handcraft and culture of Mecklenburg.