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Discover Wusterhausen with many opportunities such as local history museum, steamer cruises, cinema, St. Peter & Paul's Church and many others

Demerthin Castle
Very elegant Renaissance castle with the possibility of visits.

Wooden look-out in Blumental
Highest wooden look-out that you can enter, with a wonderful view.

Otto Lilienthal in Stölln
Travel back into the past and visit the place of the first flight attempts made by Otto Lilienthal.

Old diocesan town with a nostalgic old town and a museum dealing with the Thirty Years War.

Monastery Heiligengrabe
Make a stopover and visit the old Monastery Heiligengrabe.

The famous village with its some 22 stork couples is worthwhile for everyone.

The insular town with its cathedral will enthuse you owing to the very popular annual Havelberger horse market. Moreover, you have the possibility to visit the cathedral and its museum.

Potsdam Sanssouci Castle
Visit Potsdam, the capital of the land with its castles and many other places of interest.

Fontane s native town with many reminiscences of the regional writer, tourist cruises.

In the commune of Plattenburg you will find one of the largest water castles of Northern Germany.

Fritzchen von der Rheinsberger Seenkette
Rheinsberg with its castle and ceramics workshop.

Or visit our nearby federal capital which obviously offers a large variety of sightseeings.